Friday, 2 July 2010

tres mini haul

I have to say - this is quite pitiful for me! In the run up to our holidays there wasn't an occasion that I entered primark and came out with less than three bags full - I love the place!

Anyhoo ... I headed to the mothership in need of some cheapie accessories to glam up a coral and chocolate maxi dress (also primani). I love their accessories selection, its always changing and doesn't seem to have that cheap jewellery = green mark effect on me the same way that other shops do (accessorize included). The print of the dress is quite tribal so I wanted pretty things that would be in keeping - tribal wives meets footballers wives!

Here's what I left with ...

straw clutch bag - £6

bangles - £3 (for 9!)

leaf necklace - £3 (I think - I can't find the price tag now!)

While I was there I spied several other items - I'm back at the shopping centre tomorrow so I may just have to pay a visit, it would be rude not to, especially considering the very cute knitted bunny rabbit jumper ...

While I'm on the topic of tomorrow, I'm very excited to be going to a preview of the new twilight film eclipse in the afternoon! Eeek! Sad I know but I am ... a 'twi-hard'. Expect an update tomorrow ...

C x

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