Tuesday, 6 July 2010

what's your choice?

I know I owe an update following my cinema expedition from Saturday - I had the best intentions to write one but the shops were calling and we had plans in the evening.

I read all the twilight books and loved them, although the writing style took a little getting used to if I'm honest (and the repetition of the word chagrin). After reading the first book earlier in the year I rented the first film which was a bit of a disappointment - I just wasn't that in to RPattz and clan. The second film was a slight improvement (and almost made me join team werewolf) but still a bit cheesy. This, the third film, is realms apart ...

Its directed by David Slade who has directed a vampire movie before (30 days of night) and maybe because of this he seems to get the atmosphere just right, picking up the darker undertones of the story rather than focusing on the love story. Eclipse is my favourite book of the series; you get to learn more about the other characters which the film picked up on too instead of 2 hours of pouting from the leads (sorry!). The dialogue of this film is much better - more true to the book and the characters themselves, also there are some brilliantly timed lines adding comedy to the mix mainly from Charlie ... and this little number from Jacob (aimed at Edward from the tent scene) ... "Lets face it. I'm hotter than you" which seemed to please the audience (cheers, sighs the lot!). Speaking of the audience I had to giggle when the place seemed to sigh in unison when Jacob appears sans shirt ... If you are a twilight fan it's a must!

Have you been to see it? What did you think? What would be your choice - Werewolf or Vampire?


  1. Hey lovely! Cute blog! I am now a follower!

    I haven't seen Eclipse yet but I cannot wait until I do! I think Edward is more beautiful facially but Jacob has the better body..a combination of the two..dadaaa=perfection!lol

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  2. Aw thanks! You have to go and see it!!

    I agree the films are very easy on the eye (don't tell the hubby!) :) !!


  3. haha I won't..your secret is safe with me! :P
    I love Maybelline Falsies mascara too! :) You know I love blogging but some people do it about 5 times a day! I just don't have the time! :(
    Are you following my blog too?! Hope so chica!

  4. Thanks for following my blog! I'm really liking what I see on yours! :)

    Keep it touch girly, and good luck with your new blog! <3