Thursday, 21 October 2010

alright treacle?

Sorry - just have to declare my love for The Only Way is Essex ... what can only be described as car crash TV ... the excessive makeup, the stilted lines ... Nanna Pat's dodgy cooking!


Love it!! Hundred percent ...

no added sugar

What can I say ... I really am an irresponsible blogger! I promise from this point on that I will show more dedication to the cause!! Sorry ... things have been so hectic around here with one thing and another ... I promise I'll be better from this point on.

Things might look a little different around here too ... I have decided to turn over a new leaf - I've written my thirty things to do before 30 list (just under two years to do them in) and embarked on a diet and exercise regime, I plan to record how I'm doing each week with actual results and pictures (eek!) and also provide recipes that I have tried as part of my bid to regain my waistline!

Stay tuned