Thursday, 29 July 2010

everyday me

After my last two posts I thought it might be useful to show what I like to wear on a day to day basis ... that is when I'm not at work (smart office wear). I would have preferred to do this as a usual outfit post but I'm a bit poorly at the minute and doubt that my green face would be a good representation of my daily style (which today has been cupcake print pyjamas and ... eek ... no makeup).

I like to keep the basis of the outfit simple - I'm a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. This not only means that it is really easy to decide what to wear, but also I can go to town with accessories!

Jeans are such a staple wardrobe item that I think it's worth spending money on them - I have a lovely pair of citizens of humanity jeans lying dormant at the moment ... must stay away from cakes! And you can't beat gap for really good quality basics like t-shirts, only problem is the nearest one to me has closed so I'll have to get searching for another.

In between the rainy days of the summer (and even on some of them) I refuse to cover my feet so I have a great selection of casual sandals like these white ones from new look (£6), also I seem to have the biggest bag collection ever (or so I'm told by the hubby) even so the pink woven one from topshop (£30) is looooovely! I'm going through a bit of a scarf phase - I've been drooling over this cameo print one from miss selfridge (£12) which may just have to be ordered as part of my recovery process. While I was on the site I also found this adorable bow bracelet (£8) which may also happen to find itself in my basket! I have absolutely loads of pearl earrings, some real and some fake, I think they add a certain sophistication to whatever the outfit ... unless a) its a tracksuit or b) they are the size of a 50p.

Then its the face - Its sad to say but I won't leave the house without having applied the following items at the very least: YSL touche eclat, maybelline the falsies (fave of the moment), blusher and a slick of carmex.

How about you - what is your everyday style?

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

outfit #2

I'm loving the soft muted (some might say boring) colours that around at the moment which is what the next outfit is based on ... I'm thinking of this for afternoon shopping to evening drinkies with the girlies.

I LOVE this blouse from topshop; absolutely love it and have to have it! Sounds terrible to say in July but I think it would be a perfect transition piece from summer to autumn, its £45 and glorious! I would keep it simple with some chocolate leggings and classic summer sandals - nothing to blingy ... I'll keep that for the accessories such as the fabulously ridiculous bird in a cage ring (£12) and comparatively subtle feather ring (£12) both from topshop!

While I'm being greedy I must investigate this bag further - nude, check; studded, check; in the sale, CHECK!


outfit #1

I am a terrible blogger - too many things going on in the house have kept me away from posting if I'm honest ... I will be better I promise!!

I have some nights out coming up and am trying to pull together an easy look that doesn't look to done ...

I love these dressy hareem pants from new look (£25) - they come in loads of different colours and have a great zip detail on the waist, my love for them means that they have formed the basis for the rest of the outfit ... the top (£20) and scarf (£13) are by crafted (you can get it in republic) they use a really muted pallet which is very similar to all saints but a fraction of the price. Speaking of all saints these drool worthy shoes are in the sale for a slightly more reasonable than their original selling price £78, still a fair chunk of money but they are simple enough to become a wardrobe perennial. I can't resist a good bracelet and this cute padlock bracelet (also from all saints) was screaming at me but at £30 I'll have a look round! I don't seem to step out of the door without lashings of maybelline the falsies at the minute, I'm in love with the stuff! I have also included the benefit realness of concealness as I'm sure several nights out will take it's toll on the under eye area and this kit fixes anything!

So that's one night sorted!


Tuesday, 20 July 2010

birthday wishlist

Not long to go until my birthday ... well it's over a month (just). I'm having a totally self indulgent moment and dreaming about what I would really like as a gift - a Links of London sweetie bracelet! I've been lusting after the charms and picked out the following three - just because I think they sum me up up pretty well!

Nail polish, cocktail glass and heart sunnies!

I'm still a way off filling my pandora but hey - if you can't be greedy on your birthday when can you be?! Are you lusting after any unnecessary goodies?

Sunday, 11 July 2010

the glamorous truth of home ownership

I'm sat here exhausted, aching as if I have done three spinning classes in a row and sipping away on a hard earned glass of vino - the hubby and I have spent the entire weekend working on our new kitchen. We have put new coving up (and more importantly it has stayed up) and given our brand new plaster the crucial first covering of paint (although I seemed to get far more on myself than on the walls). So while I'm waiting for my bubble bath to fill I thought I would give a quick update : )

What is left of my nail varnish reminded me of a trip to boots earlier in the week - seriously I think the words 'I just popped to boots' send shock waves of fear through the hubby, and as one trip cost well over £100 I'm not surprised ... though thankfully the latest visit was very purse friendly. I had just intended to buy a cheap and cheerful foundation, the gorgeous weather in Crete has left me with a lovely golden tan and my usual brilliant white emulsion just makes me look strange, but that wasn't all I left with ...

... I had intended to buy revlon colourstay but as I greedily reached for boots 17 lasting fix nail polish in parma violet (£2.99 & I had read great things) I noticed the brill summer giveaway when you spend £6 or more, back went revlon and I got 17 super wear long lasting foundation (£5.49) in it's place ... I also snapped up models own blush in warm glow (£5), I have read elsewhere that it is very similar to benefit's coralista and given my chiconomy mantra I was keen to give it a whirl ...

Here's my free 17 vintage postcard gift - in it I got a full size ultimate volume lipgloss in pink ice, full size fast finish nail polish in pink grapefruit and a mini waterproof mascara.

I also happily picked up the barganious natural collection moisture shine lipstick in candy mist (£1.99) and rimmel's colour show off lipstick (£5.99) in shake-up pink. I'm somewhat of a lipstick novice and still experimenting and therefore I just can't justify MAC at the moment! Sorry the light has gone and my swatches look rubbish so no pics!

It's still early days with these items so I'll give it a few more days and then let you know how I'm getting on but for now my rubber duck is calling ...


Tuesday, 6 July 2010

what's your choice?

I know I owe an update following my cinema expedition from Saturday - I had the best intentions to write one but the shops were calling and we had plans in the evening.

I read all the twilight books and loved them, although the writing style took a little getting used to if I'm honest (and the repetition of the word chagrin). After reading the first book earlier in the year I rented the first film which was a bit of a disappointment - I just wasn't that in to RPattz and clan. The second film was a slight improvement (and almost made me join team werewolf) but still a bit cheesy. This, the third film, is realms apart ...

Its directed by David Slade who has directed a vampire movie before (30 days of night) and maybe because of this he seems to get the atmosphere just right, picking up the darker undertones of the story rather than focusing on the love story. Eclipse is my favourite book of the series; you get to learn more about the other characters which the film picked up on too instead of 2 hours of pouting from the leads (sorry!). The dialogue of this film is much better - more true to the book and the characters themselves, also there are some brilliantly timed lines adding comedy to the mix mainly from Charlie ... and this little number from Jacob (aimed at Edward from the tent scene) ... "Lets face it. I'm hotter than you" which seemed to please the audience (cheers, sighs the lot!). Speaking of the audience I had to giggle when the place seemed to sigh in unison when Jacob appears sans shirt ... If you are a twilight fan it's a must!

Have you been to see it? What did you think? What would be your choice - Werewolf or Vampire?

Friday, 2 July 2010

tres mini haul

I have to say - this is quite pitiful for me! In the run up to our holidays there wasn't an occasion that I entered primark and came out with less than three bags full - I love the place!

Anyhoo ... I headed to the mothership in need of some cheapie accessories to glam up a coral and chocolate maxi dress (also primani). I love their accessories selection, its always changing and doesn't seem to have that cheap jewellery = green mark effect on me the same way that other shops do (accessorize included). The print of the dress is quite tribal so I wanted pretty things that would be in keeping - tribal wives meets footballers wives!

Here's what I left with ...

straw clutch bag - £6

bangles - £3 (for 9!)

leaf necklace - £3 (I think - I can't find the price tag now!)

While I was there I spied several other items - I'm back at the shopping centre tomorrow so I may just have to pay a visit, it would be rude not to, especially considering the very cute knitted bunny rabbit jumper ...

While I'm on the topic of tomorrow, I'm very excited to be going to a preview of the new twilight film eclipse in the afternoon! Eeek! Sad I know but I am ... a 'twi-hard'. Expect an update tomorrow ...

C x